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26th September 2016
It was a different experience we  had at Tanjore, in Ponniyin Selvan, 2nd  year Meet on 25th September 2016. ( For the details of first Year Meet 2015 :click here click here   ) The event planned was from 16.00 Hrs to 18.00 Hrs and it extended till 19.30 Hrs.  The participants swelled to double compared to the First Years’ Meet. More than 100+ participants  attended from various parts of Tamil Nadu skipping all their works on the Sunday. Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan had made a very strong impact on the minds his readers and this made them  to attend this program.  It was a touching event and all moved very close, as if they are meeting after long years gap.  The myths and facts of Tanjore Big temple were explained by  Mr Anusha Venkatesh and Mr Sivapatha Sekaran ( SPS ). Mr Anusha Venkatesh Narrated the experiences he had, while writing his Historic novel of Kaviri myndhan, a continuation novel to Ponniyin Selvan.  

In the program Mr Anusha Venkatesh   and SPS took us the tour in side the temple and explained  20 points. Some of them are the longest  Marathi inscription on the walls of the south-east side of the Corridor, The Lingams are brought from Veera Singampettai,  near Tanjore, The inscriptions about Rajaraja Chola and Vallavaraiyan Vanthiyathevan ( the very strong Characters of Kalki’s Pinniyin Selvan ), The European stucco image  on the North side of the Sri Vimanam, Karuvurar Sannadhi,  The 52 reliefs of Subramaniyar  with various animals as Vahanas in Subramaniyar Sannadhi,  Agni Murtham,  Subramaniyar’s stucco image on the Rajagopuram ( Arunagiri Nathar has sung a Thirupukazhl on ths Murugan as “Kopuram meethamarntha Perumane”)  during his period the Subramaniyar temple was not constructed ),  Buddha  relief, The Chozha Period nandhi, Vaaraki  Sannadhi and the paintings in side the Santharam of SriVimanam. The temple authorities and the officials of Rajah Bhonsle  extended their co-operation for conducting this event and special dharshan of Sri Brahatheeswarar.   They also explained  the  Pandiya, Pallava, Nayaks and Marathi kings role  in reconstruction and maintenance of this temple.

Finally we had the opportunity of worshiping Lord Shiva, very close to moolavar, where King Rajaraja and his wives used stood and worshiped. We had a royal treatment from temple authorities and Prince Rajah Bhonsle’s officials. Thanks to SPS, Mr Venkatesh and the organizers, my friend Raja and Abi ma.


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