Sunday, 30 October 2016


30th October 2016
The presiding deity is Sri Ponniamman. The temple is estimated to be of 500 years old.  This temple is located on Ponniamman Koil street about 250 meters distance from Kotturpuram Signal in Avvai Nagar part of Kottur in Jamin Adyar jurisdiction, on the banks of River Adyar. The temple was built to protect the Village from Adyar river flood. During mid 17th century, the Kottur came under the control of Arcot Nawab and a Zamindar was appointed to Collect Taxes. Hence Adyar was called as Zamin Adyar. During this period the temple was reconstructed from mud walls and thatched roof to Brick walls and dome type roof ( similar to muslim mosques ). From 1937 the temple is being maintained by Nagalla Rajamannar's family. For further reading on the history Click here

Sri  Ellai Amman temple is about 200 meters distance from Sri Ponni Amman Temple.During 1940’s the Gandhi Mandapam road  and Kotturpuram Bridge across the river are not there.  The Nawab Bungalow was bought and the present Adyar House was constructed by the founder Chairman of M/s SPIC Limited. The remains of the Nawab bungalow was converted to garden in side the Adyar House. It was told that there was a Lake with Nawab’s horse stables exists in the present area. Now a street with Lake view Street reminds that there was a lake in Kottur. 
The TNSC tenements ( Kotturpuram )  and  the bridge was constructed  during DMK’s rule ( 1960- 70 ). The Kottur, Kottur Gardens and Kottur Puram are now called as Kotturpuram.  The singer MS Subbulakshsmi and T K Pattmaal lived in Kottur Garden and  Ms Nithya Sri, the Karnatic musician now lives at Kottur Gardens.

The temple was renovated during recent years and entrance was shifted from south side to East side. The temple is facing North with a neem tree at the entrance. The temple is small with out any sub shrines. It was  strongly believed that Sri Ponni Amman will remove all hurdles and there is no other deity's shrines are required.  Soolam, Vahanam and palipedam are at front. During Adi month festival and Fridays devotees will throng in this temple to get the blessings of Sri Ponni Amman. 

The temple will be kept open between 06.00 Hrs to 10.30 Hrs and 17.00 Hrs to 20.00 Hrs.

The Temple address Sri Ponni Amman, Ponni Amman Koil Street, Kottur, Chennai 60085.

The temple is on the Ponniamman Koil  Street and is about 250 meters from Kottur Puram Signal.  Lot of Town buses are available from various parts of the city. 
About a KM distance from Kotturpuram MRTS station.



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