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A continuation post ( Cairn circles near Sivan Malai )
10th October 2016
After the Cairn Circles visit, went to Sivan Malai. Even though the hill is called as Sivan malai the temple is dedicated to Sri Subramaniya Swamy. We can reach the top either through the road or  steps. Since  we had planned  to visit  Kodumanal and Arachalur  also during the day, chosen the road.  Some of the details are as follows.
Iraivan : Sri Subramaniya Swamy
Iraivi    : Sri Valli and Sri Devasena

The temple is facing  east with a 5 tier Rajagopuram on a 400 feet high hill with 496 steps.

In the outer Prakaram Sannadhi for Uchi Pillayar ( end of the steps), Kanni moola Ganapathy, Sandikeswarar, Nava kanniyar, SaniBhagavan, Navagrahas, Bairavar, Suryan, Naagars,  Kailasanathar with Ganambigai.

In Koshtam Dhakshinamurthy and Bala thandayuthapani. Moolavar is in standing Posture. Sri  Valli and  Devasena  are in the mandapam facing South.
There is a Mandapam called Thiruneelakanda Nayanar Kalyana mandapam with  book stall.

Even though the Sivan malai belongs to Sri Kailasanathar & Ganambigai, their  son Sri Subramaniya Swamay is powerful in this temple.
There is a wooden box with a glass door  fixed on the mandapam pillar called 

”Andavan Utharavu petti”. It was told that, Sri Subramaniya Swamy will ask  his devotee to keep a material in side the box after getting approval from the moolavar through white and red flower. Subsequently the materials  kept inside box’s value will go up or down  or become scarce. When I went a flower garland was kept inside.
Arunagirinathar has sung hymns on this Sivan Malai Temple, Sri Subramaniya Swamy

Some of the  velan people of Thondai Mandalam  migrated to Kongu Mandalam and divided in to 24 Nadus. The Kongu region has the moderate temperature, rain, fog and air.  The present Erode, Salem, Dharmapuri, Namakkal, Krishnagiri, Karur, Tiruppur districts, Part of Palani and Nilgiris comprises of Kongu Mandalam.  Kongu Mandalam has the hills  on four sides  as the geographical limits and 14 rivers starting from the hills. Out of the 24 Nadus,  Kangeyam comes 2nd and Sivan malai is part of Kangeyam.  

Lord Shiva Kailasanathar with Ganambigai blessed their devotees from this hill before Siva Vaakkiyar's visit. Siva Vaakkiyar lived in this hill for about 27 years, then he went to Kumbakonam and attained jeeva Samadhi. During his stay at Sivan malai, he could not digest the poojas conducted at the hill and non veg was offered to god. So he brought Veerakaliamman to the base. He also constructed a separate temple for Sri Valli Devasena Sri Subramaniya Swamy.   

The temple will be kept open between 06.00 Hrs to 12.00 Hrs and 16.30 hrs to 20.30 Hrs. This timings will change during important days like No moon day, Full moon day, Kiruthikai, Sasti, Thaipoosam and Fridays.

The temple land lines are 04257 – 220680 and 220630.
e-mail address : E-Mail ID :

Frequent buses are available  from Kangeyam Bus Stand ( 5 km ).
Buses from Kangeyam to Tiruppur passes through Sivan Malai.
From Erode to Kangeyam  via Arachalur passes through Sivan Malai.
From the base of the hill temple  bus  is  available  and the ticket is Rs 10 for a total distance of 2 KM.


 Golden Chariot mandapam 

 Andavan uththaravu petti fixed on the pillar (on the left with garland)
 Andavan uththaravu petti fixed on the pillar

…. To be Continued Pattali Sri Palvenneeswarar

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