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…. A continuation post to Bhima's Gateways .
19th June 2017.
The Jain’s temple is on the main road, 500 meters from Kamalapura on the Hampi to Kampli Road and very near Bhima’s Gateways dedicated to Kunthunatha called Kunthunatha jinalaya. This temple was built by Irugappa Dhandanayaka in 1386 AD for the 17th tirthankara Kunthunatha. This temple exists before Vijayanagara.

The temple is facing north with a monolithic Dipa sthamba in front. There is an inscription of Irugappa 1385 AD, a general of the King Bukka II, found on this dipa sthamba. In the reign of Harihara II, this temple was known as Chaityalaya and it is now called as Ganagitti jinalaya.  The sanctum sanctorum consists of sanctum, arthamandapam, Mahamandapam and two sanctums, which are empty now.  The sanctum the super structure or the vimana with out stupi  is of nagara style with stepped pyramid look, constructed with stone. There is a brick arch above the muka mandapa with stucco images. The mandapa Pillars has the reliefs related to vaishnava religion.  

LOCATION :CLICK HERE ( Location given is for Bhima's Gateways and this temple is on the road side )

 Sanctum is empty at present

 Inscription stone 

The inscription tablet (The symbol at the centre has undergone many changes to the present Jain symbol ie liberation of soul attains moksha. )

…… to be continued Malayanatha Raghunatha temple.


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